In a clinical study, overall survival rate was higher and patients had more time without cancer progression when treated with ADCETRIS plus AVD than patients treated with ABVD

  • Out of 1334 patients in the clinical study, 664 received ADCETRIS plus AVD and 670 received ABVD
  • Patients lived longer with ADCETRIS: 41% reduced risk of death for patients who were treated with ADCETRIS plus a chemo called AVD compared to traditional chemo (ABVD)
    • About 94% of adults treated with ADCETRIS plus AVD and about 89% of adults treated with ABVD were still alive approximately 6 years after starting study treatment
  • Patients had more time without cancer progression: 23% reduced risk of cancer growing or spreading, receiving additional anticancer therapy, or death when compared to traditional chemo (ABVD)

Overall survival means the length of time that patients remain alive after starting study treatment.

Main study results used to support the FDA-approved use of ADCETRIS plus AVD.

ABVD: A combination of 4 chemotherapies—Adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastine, and dacarbazine.

AVD: A combination of 3 chemotherapies—Adriamycin, vinblastine, and dacarbazine.

ADCETRIS will not work for everyone. Individual results may vary.